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  • Why choose a critical illness policy for cancer?

    Cancer can put serious stress on your finances. Learn why a critical illness insurance is one of the best ways to offset the costs imposed by a cancer diagnosis....
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  • How much does critical illness insurance pay in 2023?

    You might know a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer or a stroke – and therefore witnessed the toll it took on them, not just physically but financially as well. You might also have wondered how you would handle su...
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  • GoFundMe vs. Critical illness insurance: Which is better in 2023?

    Learn why charity is not the best solution for handling those costs – and about a way to control of your financial wellbeing should you ever face a critical illness....
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  • Why critical illness insurance is the best stroke coverage

    Thanks to medical advances and better education about symptoms, a stroke is survivable if caught early. The truth remains, however, that a stroke can happen with little warning....
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  • How to get your critical illness insurance payment in 2023

    But you may still be wondering about an important aspect of critical illness coverage: Getting paid. If you’re diagnosed with a covered illness or condition, you’ll want to receive your payment as quickly and easily as possible to minimize disruptions in your ...
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  • Reduce your medical costs with this affordable coverage

    You probably know someone who’s been diagnosed with a serious illness. Heart attacks, strokes and cancer are some of the most common, but they’re among a whole host of other maladies that can drastically alter your life — and your finances....
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  • Get the best coverage for these serious illnesses

    Imagine for a minute you were to be diagnosed with a serious illness. For some, like cancer, for example, it’s more likely than ever you’d survive – but would you be able to adequately handle the costs that come with it?...
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  • Read this before getting critical illness insurance

    In this article, we’ll cover all things critical illness insurance – what is it? How do I get it? And of course, is it worth it?
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  • Now is the best time to buy critical illness insurance – Here’s why

    When is the right time to get a critical illness insurance policy? The simple answer is “right now,” but there are a few factors to consider before you make the decision....
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